Tell me, what are you dancing?

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Creation for 4 dancers.

Duration: 45 minutes (no intermission) Accessible from 5 years old

In fairytales, the number three is often present whether for ordeals, characters or objects. In this show, it is there but in a different way. Four dancers for three tales :”The Little Match Girl”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Ugly Duckling”.

One of the characters will travel more than the others do. In this way, as soon as the little merchant burns a match to warm herself in her sad nook, her imagination will enable her to enter and to interfere with the characters from the two other tales. This imaginary world for young and old is highlighted by some wonderful video images whose naive drawings “in the old-fashioned way” give an inventive and poetic note in this hip hop universe.

Dream and poetry give way to a burlesque atmosphere that combine sensible and absurd. A symbolic and dreamlike journey to childhood which questions the quest for the “inner transformation”.

 Like in every piece I create, hip-hop dance is at the heart of my commitment as an artist. By creating for the young audience, the wonderful has entered my creativity. In this way, I wanted to express a so-called “urban” dance in a timeless world, the one of fairy tale, that will bet on virtuosity ,immediacy and also humor in order to transmit to the audience a contemporary reading, sensory and all in images.

As a result, the show is made of  some quirky characters, sometimes wacky or unreal, half-humans, half-animals. The codes of hip-hop dance are shaken, nourished by the performers they are, children they have been, performing into an imaginary and inner emotional world.”

Séverine Bidaud, choreographer of the Cie 6e dimension

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Download the press document of the show in English: here
Usted puede descargar el documento de prensa del espectáculo en español : aquí

Choreography Séverine Bidaud

Choreography assistant Jane Carole Bidaud

2020-2021 interpretation : Sandra Geco, Amélie Jousseaume alternating with Séverine Bidaud, Cault NZelo and Clément James

Created and performed by  Jane Carole Bidaud,  Farrah Elmaskini, Cault Nzelo et Séverine Bidaud

Costumes Alice Touvet

Lights Esteban (Stéphane Loirat)

Video Pascal Minet

Drawings Jean-Charles “Trippin’ Cloud” Zambo

Composition of original soundtrack Clément Roussillat and Jean-Charles “Trippin’ Cloud” Zambo

Music selection : Boston Symphony Orchestra
Tchaikovsky : Swan Lake – OP20 N°13 « Dance of the little swans »
Tchaikovsky : Swan Lake – OP20 N°08 « Danse des petits coupes »
Tchaikovsky : Swan Lake – OP20 « Introduction»
Tchaikovsky : Swan Lake – OP20 N°10

Editing / Mastering soundtrack Xavier Bongrand

Helpful look Marjorie Kellen and Joëlle Iffrig

Thanks to Carlo Diaconale, Isabelle Job, Chloé Le Nôtre, Catherine Gamblin, Frank des Neiges and Audrey Bottineau 

Coproductions : The Department of Seine-Maritime, the Region of Haute-Normandie ; the city of Rouen (76); the city of Fauville-en-Caux and the Communauté de commune Cœur de Caux (76),  Initiative d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines – Fondation de France – La Villette, Paris 2015, the Dance Centre of Galion in Aulnay-sous-Bois (93).

Supports and artist residency : CHOREGE / Relais Culturel Régional of Pays de Falaise (14) 

Other support : ODIA Normandy ; ADAMI, an artists and performers corporation that manages and develops their rights in France and abroad in order to earn a fairer remuneration for their talent. It subsidises artistic projects.

Partners (For the provision of its places of creation and research): Espace Lino Ventura de Torcy (77), Espace Germinal de l’Est Valdoisien in Fosses (95), Théâtre de la Chapelle Saint-Louis in Rouen (76), Forum in Falaise (14), Espace Viking in Yvetot (76), Rayon Vert in Saint Valery en Caux (76).