Cault Nzelo

Native from Rouen (France), Cault has been trying various gestures from an early age: Hip Hop New Style, House, Krump. Always curious to discover new artistic worlds, he practised different styles that lead it to develop his own progressively. He began his career as a dancer in England within the Karismatik company, inspired by Krumping […]

Clément James

Specialized in B.boying (Break-dance), Clément grew up in Etampes (91) and started dancing at the age of 12. First self-taught, he then refined his technique alongside different members of the “Wanted Posse” company, during various dance workshops in Evry and Melun (Ile-De- France). It was during one of these workshops which took place in Evry […]

Blondy Mota-Kisoka

Dancer since 2001, Blondy practices Popping and breakdance. Specialist of the robot technique, also called “animation”, he excels in this domain that requieres control and precision. Combining effects and power, this showman started in the street where he gained an important experience with the audience. Indeed, he really launches his professional career by getting known […]

Amélie Jousseaume

Amelie began dancing at the age of 5 years. She began with the modern’ jazz,  then quickly turns to hip-hop. She specialized in the break and taught discipline of the age of 18-25 years before starting her career as a professional dancer. After working on a few shows with the Echo-lié (winners of Incredible Talent 2009), she […]

Sandra Geco

Sandra works and collaborates among others with Wim Vandekeybus (Cie Ultima Vez), José Montalvo (Théâtre National de Chaillot), Séverine Bidaud (cie 6th dimension), Amala Dianor and recently assisted Sandrine Lescourant (cie Kilaï) in her creation “Acoustics”. A hybrid dancer and versatile artist, she began dancing in Roanne (Classical, Jazz, Mime and Theater) and then went […]

Giovanni Leocadie

As a a self-taught person, Giovanni Leocadie learned break when he was a teenager. During a visit of the Rêvolution Company in Reunion, where Giovanni comes from, Anthony Egéa invited him to join his professional training. He followed this formation from 2003 to 2004 before dancing in Aega’s play called “Soli” in 2005. Then, he […]

Liss Funk

Alice Pinto Maia, aka Liss Funk develops a passion for Hip-hop dance in 1996, in Rennes (France). She starts training with Yasmin Rahmani from the group HB2. Later, she meets the big names of funkstyle dance, such as Greg Campbellock Jr, Tony Gogo, Suga Pop… From then on, she largely devotes herself to Locking. As […]