Aline Dasilva

Aline Da Silva

Aline started classical dance at the age of 7, she discovered modern’ jazz when she was a teenager. In 2000, her encounter with hip-hop dance was a revelation for her: this style has enabled her to express herself more freely and to create a more harmonious connection to music. It is freestyle, the improvisation that […]

Amélie Jousseaume

Amelie began dancing at the age of 5 years. She began with the modern’ jazz,  then quickly turns to hip-hop. She specialized in the break and taught discipline of the age of 18-25 years before starting her career as a professional dancer. After working on a few shows with the Echo-lié (winners of Incredible Talent 2009), she […]

Marc-Olivier Picard

Marc-Olivier discovered dance at the age of 18, in 2009, at a MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, lit.Youth and Cultural Center) in Réunion. He started dancing “seriously” when he entered University, where he met professional hip-hop dancers trained in Metropolitan France. He thus learnt about the Juste Debout School in Paris, which […]

Clément James

Specialized in B.boying (Break-dance), Clément grew up in Etampes (91) and started dancing at the age of 12. First self-taught, he then refined his technique alongside different members of the “Wanted Posse” company, during various dance workshops in Evry and Melun (Ile-De- France). It was during one of these workshops which took place in Evry […]

Cault Nzelo

Native from Rouen (France), Cault has been trying various gestures from an early age: Hip Hop New Style, House, Krump. Always curious to discover new artistic worlds, he practised different styles that lead it to develop his own progressively. He began his career as a dancer in England within the Karismatik company, inspired by Krumping […]