Mini conference in classrooms

Always with this goal of sharing hip-hop and getting close to people, the company has thought of a small all-terrain form of the show, “Hip-hop, is it really serious?” to introduce in schools.


The choreographer Séverine Bidaud offers a conference in classrooms by a playful and educational approach of hip-hop history from its emergence in the United-States in the 70s to the present day. The programme includes explanations based on archive images and based on demonstrations of different aesthetics of hip-hop dance (Locking, popping…).

Is it possible to add some hours of hip-hop dance practice upstream or downstream.


All levels are accepted. Depending on the space available for the conference, possibility to gather about 2 up to 3 classes.


Duration of the conference: 2 hours

Space to provide: a VP in an auditorium or a multifunctional room that can accomodate one or several classes.

The project has to be built with the partner, do not hesitate to contact with Jane-Carole, who is in charge of cultural and educational actions and she is also choreographer assistant – Tel: 06 24 80 34 25