Séverine Bidaud – Artistic director

Séverine Bidaud

Séverine BIDAUD called Lady Severine, begins Hip-hop dancing in 1996. His meeting with the pioneers of Poppin’ The Electric Boogaloos is a revelation. She follows and then organizes numerous training with her “masters.”

In 2002 and 2003, Lady Severine is internationally leader in this very male environment and wins the 3rd place during mixed individual world competitions in the USA (B.boys Summit In Los Angeles and B.boys Pro-Am in Miami).

After this remarkable rise, she is nominated to”Dance Hip-Hop Award 2003″in Hollywood (USA).

In November 2006, Lady Severine gained the 1st place of mixed “Funkstyle contest” judged by the creator of the Popping and Boogaloo : Boogaloo Sam.

In 2004, she joined the company Montalvo – Hervieu and danced in the Paladins, On Danfe, Bossa Fataka Rameau and Lalala Gershwin.

In 2009, she performed for the company Black Blanc Beur in” My Tati Freeze”. From 2011, she danced in Marion Levy Company “In the belly of the wolf” and in 2014 she joined the team of Laura Beard Scozzi in “Beard Snow”

Alongside his performing career, she operates as a choreographer. She co-founded in 1998 with her sister Jane and Carole Bidaud, 6th DIMENSION Company and she will become the main choreographer since 2002. His collaborations and meetings with foreign choreographers such as Robyn Orlin and Kaori Ito, influence her esthetic.

Today, her writing approaches takes from contemporary dance technique. With “I feel good”, she writes what she sees as “his first play” in 2010.  She puts her sensitivity to the service of a subject rarely addressed by dancers: old age. “I feel good” received the award for writing “Beaumarchais SACD” in 2010.

In 2012, she signed “Satisfied”, she surrounds herself with five hip-hop dancers and contemporary dancer and stresses with humor and poetry, our relationship to time, to the other and objects. In 2004, it was the beginning of a long collaboration with Disneyland Paris, who entrusted her the creation of many hip-hop shows presented at various events such as the Halloween festival.

In order to further the theatricality of her dancing in 2009, she met Jacky Sigaux , with whom she will form to the Popular Theatre. He wrote her a text, and featured: a surreal vision of a crazy cast. In the same artistic approach, in 2011, she trained in the techniques of clown, with Mylène Lormier, Company Carte Blanche in 2012.  She improved her comedy, through different angles (theatre, film, TV ) , with Xavier Letourneur, Corinne Boijols, Roland Marchisio…

For her, and since the beginning, artistic creation is meaningful only if it is accompanied by awareness to audience participation. Her job for the General Council of Essonne as Development Officer of urban dance, ADIAM 91 (Departmental Association of Music and Dance in Essonne) allowed her to acquire a solid experience in the field: and between 1999 and 2003, she developed the structure hip-hop in that territory, with the setting up of training of trainers, dance accompaniments, creating urban dance during…

In 2002, she was a pioneer in organizing international Battles in France. So she co-hosts with URGE association “The Original B.boys Contest / Challenge Benji-Crumbs” in Bretigny-sur-Orge (91) pairing and with the 6th Dimension “Power Battle Circle” at the Arena of the Agora Evry in 2003. She gives many workshops and master classes in France and abroad , including the National “Theatre de Chaillot” in Paris, “Itineraire  Bis” (Association of Cultural Development in Saint-Brieuc) at Studio Harmonic (Paris), in”Nexus Funkmasters” school ( Florence – Italy)…

In that way, she continues this approach within the company by imagining a large number of cultural activities that she sets up in partnership with various structures around her creations. For her, hip-hop has no boundaries, all art forms can find their place and enrich the play. Anyone can capture this sensitivity.