Cault, a 6th Dimension company’s dancer, is a dance teacher since 2008 in different organisations in Rouen, in Germany and in Switzerland. As he likes sharing his passion, he became a teacher for the company and he takes part of the various cultural actions.

Sandra Geco

Classical, hip hop and contemporary dancer, Sandra started dancing at the age of 5 with a classical and jazz training in Roanne and won numerous prizes at national and international competitions (such as the Belgian Grand Prix in Dinan). Then, she studied at the ESDC: Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower, (Rosella Hightower […]

Brice Ipoli

Brice IPOLI aka Beez-b started dancing in 2007 at the MJC Rive-Gauche (which means Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture, literally House of Youse and Culture) in Rouen. There, Brice met Krystoff Zami and Cault Nzelo, from the team “Syndrome Hip Hop” (S2H), who will became his mentors and will trained him in […]

Mohamed El Hajoui

Mohamed El Hajoui started to dance in 1999, in Paris area, in the Galion dance center in Aulnay-Sous-Bois. Trained in the different techniques of hip-hop dance by dancers like Claise M’PASSI, Ibrahim SISSOKO, Thierry ANOMAN and Salim BAGAYOKO, he specializes quickly in break, locking and jazz rock.  His professional career begins in 2004 in « Suresnes […]

Aline Dasilva

Aline Da Silva

From her young age, Aline shares her passion. Thanks to her art, dancing, the movement, she knew how to develop her own teaching skills with her professional experiences. Mixing different hip-hop techniques, modern jazz, yoga and with her own perception, her teaching aims to get used to a large audience, to communicate her emotions and […]

Rebecca Rheny, aka Poca

Dancer since 1998, Rebecca trains for the different styles of urban dances and specializes in Popping with French and international pioneer dancers. She takes the stage with the Par Terre company /Anne NGuyen as a dancer and tries her hand at  choreographing in her company “Bandidas”, made up of expert dancers of her discipline of […]