Jane-Carole Bidaud – Co-director and Assistant choreographer

Jane-Carole started to dance at the age of 7 with classical and modern jazz. Then, she specialized in hip-hop dance in 1996. This encounter with Hip-hip dance was a revelation for her and “Popping” became her favorite discipline. During her different trips, she trained herself under the legendary group: “The Electric Bogaloos”, the American creators of the discipline, and participated in numerous competitions (in Europe, USA and in Japan).

She co-founded the 6th dimension company in 1998 and became assistant-choreographer and now co-directs the company with her sister Séverine Bidaud.
She is
one of the main performers in the 6th Dimension Dance Company and dances in the main creations: (“Appearances”, “I feel good”, “Satisfied”…).

Simultaneously, she collaborates with other professional choreographic companies as a performer, in companies such as Black Blanc Beur (BBB), Ange Koué/Slam Dance Cie

She also choreographed various pieces for amateur companies (“New Horizons”, in 2007: piece for ten dancers from Pantin (France) and Berlin (Germany), “Tranches de vie”, in 2009: which won a Bronze medal at the competition of the French Federation of Dance).

After having obtained her Dilplôme d’Etat (State Diploma) of Jazz Dance in 2005, she now takes advantage of this training in order to better transmit hip-hop dance for all types of audience. She created her own mixed-race style, nourished by multiple influences: modern dance, jazz, contemporary dance and Popping.

Within the 6th dimension dance company, she and the choreographer imagine a large number of artistic actions that she adapts and rewrites for each place of reception. She co-directed and sets up intergenerational hip-hop balls. She fosters the exchanges between generations by creating workshops, curtain-raising, public rehearsals, popular dance mixing classes from the 20’s and 30’s with hip-hop. Her desire is to create unique artistic encounters and experiences.

In 2016, as a performer, she will do the recovery roles of the shows “Tell me, what are you dancing?” and “Hip-hop is it really serious?”.