Clément Roussillat

Early in contact with many styles of music, Clement Roussillat develops a special relationship with this form of expression, a link that will never leave him.

Also sensitive to science and technology, he focuses very quickly both in music as tools for the record, convert and distribute. After the end of Musical Studies Diploma (2002) and ten years of practice of the horn, he finds another relationship with music, the dance that he discovered with dance Hip Hop and that he will deepen with contemporary dance.

From 2009 to 2011, he trained at the sound control to the FPTSC / CFA of live performance, alternating between the National Theatre of the Agora Evry, combining in his work, music, show and technology.

Today, his connection to music, sound and what they can tell and give of emotions drives him to develop his business of sound design and music composition for shows. The computer music (MAO) is the focus of his creative activity but he always seeks to rely on its direct equity and real instruments to find sounds both strange and familiar. He recently achieved the sound and music creation D’Ici there and Hand in Hand, Cie Alfred Alert (contemporary dance) and My Old, Cie le Temps de Vivre / Rachid Akbal (theater).

In 2015, he joined the 6th Dimension Company for his show « Tell me , what you dance ?  » .