Ange Ismaël Koué

Ange Ismaël KOUE aka Elfonkyjuice was born in Côte d’Ivoire in 1976. Then, he settled in France and found in 1989 his first group “Creator Unique”, which combines dance and rap. From 1989 to 2000, this double passion made him sharing his time between these two worlds. In 1991, he participated in the training of […]

Aline Dasilva

Aline Da Silva

Aline started classical dance at the age of 7, she discovered modern’ jazz when she was a teenager. In 2000, her encounter with hip-hop dance was a revelation for her: this style has enabled her to express herself more freely and to create a more harmonious connection to music. It is freestyle, the improvisation that […]

Emilie Schram A.K.A Haoura

Native of Nice (French Riviera) she began to dance at the very young age of 5 years old with the Rythmic Gymnastic. In 2002 she discovers the Breakdance with her first crew “Kamikaze Flex” with whom she experimented battles and street shows. In 2006 she left her home town for the capital and became  a […]

Farrah Elmaskini

Farrah Elmaskini

Farrah discovered the locking and popping in 1999. It is the start of many years of intense training in France and abroad, particularly among members of different Electric Boogaloos but also Original Lockers (founders of popping and locking American groups). She turned to the “battles ” (urban dance competitions) and thus won multiple titles (winner […]

Isabelle Derond

Fascinated by dance and by sport for a long time, Isabelle has a rather atypical and happy path. She begins dancing at the age of 5 with a pink tutu and ballet shoes. She will choose rather fast contemporary dance then hip-hop dance in 1995. She dedicates herself to creations’ work , joining 6th Dimension […]

Joëlle Iffrig

After completing her training at the National Conservatory of Strasbourg, in 1984 she danced for several companies Jazz and Contemporary Dance. In 1992, she participates in Winter opening and closing Olympics Ceremony in Albertville, staged by Philippe Découflé. Since 1994, she is one of the major interpreters of the choreographers José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu and dance in their main […]

Cynthia Barbier

Cynthia Barbier

Cynthia, who has specialized in Locking since 2005, first of all started dancing with jazz and ballroom dancing. For 10 years she has practiced rock dance in all its forms: rock on the ground, be-bop, acrobatic rock. Participating in numerous competitions of acrobatic rock, joined the French acrobatic rock team in 2003 and in 2004, […]

Manuela Bolegue

Manuela Bolegue

Native from Central Africa, Manuela is a professional hip hop dancer since 2006. She trained in various forms of hip hop dance, then specialized to breakdance with  Figure2style group from Chenôve. Since 2006, she has been performing in many shows, championships and battles: France Champion in 2009 and 2010 (“Bgirl France”), Champion in France and in the world in […]

Marc-Olivier Picard

Marc-Olivier discovered dance at the age of 18, in 2009, at a MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, lit.Youth and Cultural Center) in Réunion. He started dancing “seriously” when he entered University, where he met professional hip-hop dancers trained in Metropolitan France. He thus learnt about the Juste Debout School in Paris, which […]


Daughter of a father musician (drummer), Shynis, Eurasian, was full of music since her childhood. She discovered naturally the art of singing at 15 and joined diverse bands of Soul Rap such as “Trinity’s”, “Character Soul”… She began dancing in 2004 and found the Ragga Dancehall, inspired herself with African movements and develops her own […]

Stevy Zabarel

Stevy Zabarel alias Easley

Since the age of 12, Stevy Zabarel alias Easley, tried various body movements : Hip Hop, breakdance, newstyle, krump. Always eager for new artistic dance worlds, he practised different styles and dug for his own one, which he qualifies of “newstyle, krump”, an unique universe. In May 2007, Easley took part in the Battle Day launch in Berlin […]

Valentine Nagata-Ramos

Valentine Nagata-Ramos alias B.girl Val

Called B.Girl Val , Valentine was born in Japan in 1981. She lived in France since her one year . Very young, she touched different dance styles (from classical to jazz, contemporary, African dance, rock…) In 1998, she discovered breakdance, it was a revelation and she learnt hardly, participating in many battles almost time with […]