Joëlle Iffrig

After completing her training at the National Conservatory of Strasbourg, in 1984 she danced for several companies Jazz and Contemporary Dance. In 1992, she participated in Winter opening and closing Olympics Ceremony in Albertville, staged by Philippe Découflé.

Since 1994, she is one of the major interpreters of the choreographers José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu and dance in their main creations: « Double Trouble », « Hollaka-Hollala », « La mitrailleuse en état de grâce « , « La Gloire de Jérôme A », « In Paradis », « Nioc de Paradis « , « Variation au Paradis », « The Paladins », « Bossa Fataka de Rameau »…

Meanwhile, she performed for the gourd Company Merlin Nyakam in his play « Liberté d’expression ».

In 2012, she joined the 6th Dimension Company for its creation « Satisfied… »

She regularly attends performances and improvisations with several group. She is also assistant rehearsal director for the Montalvo-Hervieu Company including « On Danfe », « Good Morning Mr. Gershwin » and « Orphée ».

In 2010, she operated as outsider for the part « Je me sens bien», 6th Dimension Company.

In 2013 she was an assistant of Jose Montalvo for « Don Quichotte du Trocadero ».

She also works with directors for plays: Marc Paquien for « le Baladin du monde occidental » and Porte-Lune Company for « Les 5 Robes de Luisa ».

Meanwhile, she meets Carolyn Carlson, Y. Amagatsu, L. Newson that will affect her work.

She gives numerous workshops in France and abroad, she also participates in many educational projects. She works on the educational plan with the Théâtre National of Chaillot and Magali Marchal to educate amateur and professional artists to freedom of movement and expression.