Creation 2012

Choregraphic part for 5 dancers
Duration: 45 min

After dedicating their sensibility at the service of a topic rarely tackled by dancers of the genre, (with the performance “I feel good” which is about old age), the 6th Dimension Hip Hop dance Company is back with its new creation. This one emphasizes with humour and poetry our relationship to time, to each other and to objects.

This choreographic fantasy draws up four portraits of women, in a tender and light manner. The latter are eager to get rid of their daily worries, to escape and finally to get away from their frenetic pace of life.

Photos © David Schaffer

Through this piece, the choreographer deals with a new form of loneliness that has emerged in recent decades: a more subjective and felt loneliness, that corresponds more to a feeling rather than a reality.

A man stands alongside these women. It’s a fantasized, dreamt person and a perfect man! No, he is not, he is rather a robot man, who is multifunction, useful, practical, comforting. He is also able to meet the requirements of women and specially designed to satisfy them.

An aberrant scenario largely inspired by the android/humanoid robots that already exist in Japan, that play the role of true personal care assistants for the elderly. What can be more confusing than to attribute a social and affective role to a robot, in order to overcome the lack of human contact?

In the era of uninterrupted connection and virtual encounters on the net. We can note that this piece reveals the contradictions of an era, in its own distinctive way.



Conception and choregraphy Séverine Bidaud, alias Lady Severine. With the artistic collaboration of Carlo Diaconale

Choregraphy assistant Jane-Carole Bidaud

Created with the interpreter’s collaboration Cynthia Barbier alternating with Aline Da Silva, Jane-Carole Bidaud, Farrah Elmaskini, Joëlle Iffrig, Manuela Bolègue alternating with Amélie Jousseaume, Stevy Zabarel alias Easley

Musical creation Le MigranZ Band (Frank Des Neiges et Bertrand Cadot)

Editing song / Mastering Xavier Bongrand et Diaspora Rockers

Light creation Pauline Falourd

Texts and voices Muriel Henry, Blade Mc

Costumes Noy Vongkhamla                                                              

Production : 6th Dimension Company 

Coproductions : DRAC Haute Normandie ; Regional Council of Haute Normandie ;  Departmental Council of Seine-Maritime ; Quai des Arts d’Argentan (61) Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines (Fondation de France – Parc de la Villette, avec le soutien de la Caisse des Dépôts and Acsé) ; Dance Centre of Galion à Aulnay-sous-Bois (93) ; Théâtre du Moulin in Louviers (27 ; La ville de Rouen (76)

Supports : ADAMI ; ODIA Normandie

Partners : Espace Culturel François Mitterrand din Canteleu (76) ; Théâtre Louis Jouvet in Rouen (76) ; the city of Torcy (77) ; Espace Germinal in Est Valdoisien (95) ; the city of Pantin (93) ; National Center of Danse (CND) of Pantin (93).

For making its places of creation and research available, special thanks to Stéphanie Delsart and Jocelyn Cazères for their artistic complicity