Clément James

Clément grew up in Etampes and he has started to dance at  the age of 12. Before he used to be self-taught and then he started to do several dance workshops taught by different members of the Wanted Possee, in Evry and in Melun. During one of these worshops, he met Rafic who is the president of the association Body dance. The latter invited him to join his organisation, then he joined his association for one year. An opportunity for him to progress with the help of the other Bboys. Initially, his trainings aimed to prepare him fot the battles. 
In november 2016, when he has started to work on creation with the dancer and choreographer Hamid Ben Mahi, he discovered a great interest in “dancing at the service of an intention”.
Since 2009, he increases the number of his experience in the hip-hop as a dancer, but also as a break dance professor (Savigny Fitness Dance et aux USA à The Hill School). In 2015, he was the winner of the 5th edition of Battle Circle of Bobby. Recently, in 2017, he works as a dancer in the film  Song with the Point Zéro Company. This same year, he joins the 6th Dimension Company to take a part in the show “Tell me, what you dance?“.