Alice Touvet

After having obtained a high school diploma in « Arts Appliqués » (Applied Arts), Alice Touvet graduated from ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), the School dedicated to Decorative Arts in Paris. Then, she quickly started working as a costume designer alongside two stage directors for whom she has continued to work today : Pauline Bureau, with whom she collaborated on nearly 15 stagings – From Un songe, une nuit d’été at the Ranelagh Theater (2003), to Modèles at the Rond-Point Theater (2011), or, what is more, on the play Sirènes at the CND (National Center for Dramatic Art) in Montreuil (2014) – and William Mesguich – 13 creations designed for the play Comme il vous plaira at the Theater XIII (2004), at the Mystères de Paris, and at the Tempête Theater (2013).

Besides, she also collaborated with Michel Podolak on costumes designed for the Opera (Renaissance 2043 at the Gymnase Theater) and also for show aimed at young audiences such as Babayaga by the Barak’A Theater (2006), Sophie’s Misfortunes by Rebecca Stella at the Petit Gymnase (2011).

In 2015, the choreographer Séverine Bidaud requested her so as to created the costumes designed for her new creation entitled “Tell me, what are you dancing“.

Designer and director, she has not necesserily forgotten television and cinema: costume models for “Angel” (François Ozon, 2005), costume supervisor for “Temps Mort” (a TV series broadcast on “13ème rue” channel, 2007), “Beau Rivage” (feature film by Julien Donada, 2010), costume creation designed for “Super Z’Hero” (a TV series broadcast on “Canal J” channel, 2008), and she also designed costumes for “M6” TV channel (Karine Lemarchand, Mac Lesguy…, in 2013). Between 2008 and 2013, she ensured the styling of several advertisements (Quick restaurant…) and music videos (Neïmo, 113 with Jamel Debbouze, etc…).

Since 2006, she has participated in numerous projects in the event industry and in the creation of wedding dresses.