Short forms for all terrain

The 6th Dimension company proposes some shows about the theme of “Woman”, drawing a parallel between two shows of its repertoire, that can be performed in short forms for “all terrain”.


Women’s Aspects

This show is a contemporary satire about women’s life (2007 creation, reworked in a short form in 2015).

Duration : 15 minutes

A show for 3 hip-hop dancers that questions our vision of femininity.

The choreographer, Séverine Bidaud, evokes with humor the obsession of perfection, that occupies women of nowadays, to highlight the contradictions of a complex identity. 

Inside themselves, the feelings tumble out, a voice is given to them, to symbolize their thoughts, to fuel the audience’s imaginary and to make them travel between fantasy and reality.  

“Being a perfect mother. I am not available for my child, I need to buy time. Time to make my brain more available. (…) I need some support, to add shelves, to fix them to a wall. I need to set myself somewhere (…).”

The pared-down scenography allowes to create symbolic spaces and ruptures between daily moments and oneiric and intimate moments.

In a frenetic pace, they make a mockery of the image of the « working girl » to invite the audience to question its own evidences.


I feel good

(2010 creation, reworked in a short form in 2015)

Duration : a short version of 20 minutes with 3 dancers

In our society that advocates the cult of the beauty, the choreographer makes us sharing her vision of old age and the challenges to face front of a society of exclusion. With three hip-hop dancers, she draws with tenderness, nostalgia and humor, three portraits of women, who see the effects of the passing time. Whereas we believe that the body do not speak anymore when we get old, the unbridled dancers express their creativity, to remind us that old age is not a pathology.

They perform to jazz musics from the 20’s and the 30’s” refreshed” by the hip-hop rhythm giving asurprising mix of styles. Charleston, Shim-sham, Tango and Waltz cross the generous energy of the urban dances.


These two forms can be presented separately or coupled in order to offer a varied show. Moreover, the company also offers the possibility to close these extracts with two participative dances with the audience, mixing hip-hop dance and popular dances from the 20’s and the 30’s (duration: 10 minutes), always in this perspective to create a moment of exchange and sharing wit the spectators. 

These two forms are performed in a flexible space of 6 metres and 4 metres of depth. The show is compatible with any stages and have just 3 chairs and a table for set.


Choreography Séverine Bidaud

Choreography assistant Jane-Carole Bidaud

Performed by Jane-Carole Bidaud, Aline DaSilva, Amélie Jousseaume

Costumes Isabelle Lemarié