We are happy to see you for 2021-2022!

  • Faraëoto (création 2020)
  • DIS, A QUOI TU DANSES? (Création 2015 - nouvelle version 2017)
  • Hip-hop, est-ce bien sérieux? (création 2014)
  • Bal hip-hop
The company 6e Dimension is happy to have opened the season with its new creation Faraëkoto (creation 2020).

"This danced tale is freely inspired by a popular Malagasy tale, itself close to the story of Hansel and Gretel, or of Petit Poucet. The 6th dimension company brilliantly mixes words, hip-hop and video to draw us into a superb story, tender and frightening, and question us about the place we leave to differences, and to the people who carry them. " _ MAC text from Créteil as part of its reception in February 202

Find our shows still on tour:

Dis, à quoi tu danses? (creation 2015, new version 2017)

Hip-hop, est-ce bien sérieux? (creation 2014)

Je me sens bien - short version (creation 2010, short version 2015)

And enjoy a playful and joyful immersion in urban dances and the universe of the company with our Hip-hop ball.