Hip-hop, is it really serious?

2014 creation

This show, funny and full of life makes us discover the origins of Hip-hop movement, its roots and influences, from its beginning in the United States.
It depicts five dancers who share their passion with authenticity and sincerity. The crew does everything to share their passion with us in an authentic and sincere way.

This new format adopts an informative and attractive style, combining performance, sharing of experiences and the projection of archive footages.

The opportunity for young and old people to understand the original meaning, the essence of this movement and culture.

The show lasts one hour and it is followed by a meeting with the audience, in this way the company can answer their questions.
Design and Art Direction: Séverine BIDAUD
Duration: 1 hour (followed by a discussion with the public)
Number of speakers: 4 dancers + 1 speaker / Artistic Director

Popin’ Pete, one of the originators of the Popping style and a cofounder of the American pioneer group “The Electric Boogaloos” (since 1977), talks about this show :