Valentine Nagata-Ramos alias B.girl Val

Valentine Nagata-Ramos

Called B.Girl Val , Valentine was born in Japan in 1981. She lived in France since her one year .

Very young, she touched different dance styles (from classical to jazz, contemporary, African dance, rock…) In 1998, she discovered breakdance, it was a revelation and she learnt hardly, participating in many battles almost time with male groups dancers.

Coming to the capital, after graduated in psychology, she joined various Paris’ companies.

In 2004, she won the title of world vice-champion with Fantastik Armada at International Battle Of The Year (BOTY) and, in 2007, the title of world female duo Champion (We B*girlz).

She collaborated with several dance companies , as interpreter : “Si je t’m, Défilles, Contrepied, Au féminin” from Black Blanc Beur (BBB),” Paradis” from Montalvo-Hervieu company, “Je me sens bien” (« I feel good ») from 6th Dimension Company, “Racine carrée and Yonder woman” from Par Terre Company

In 2007, she decided a change of direction to a more personal style connected to her culture (therefore chooses to move closer to Japan returning once a year) and created her first solo piece « Sadako » in 2011, in a singular japanese mood, performing in Villette/Paris WIP on november 2011.