Isabelle Derond

Fascinated by dance and by sport for a long time, Isabelle has a rather atypical and happy path. She begins dancing at the age of 5 with a pink tutu and ballet shoes. She will choose rather fast contemporary dance then hip-hop dance in 1995. She dedicates herself to creations’ work , joining 6th Dimension Company in 1998 as interpreter.

At the same time, she performs on numerous events (Shows at Eurodisney, in 2005, 2009 and 2011, “All Star Game”, Paris Bercy… ) during television programs and dances for numerous musical artists, such as the groups : Abysse ( with whom she goes on tour to Caribbean islands), 113, Magic System, Nichols…

Her sporting passion also remained intact, at 25 years old, she graduated as DE sport (government diploma), she becomes sport teacher for training body professions.

She does not stop there, she participates in competitions and becomes France Step Champion in team in 2006 and France individual Champion in Aerobics in 2007. She turned to CrossFit in 2012 and finished in second place in the French Throwdown in 2013.

She is a Master’s degree Trainer for the Club Med Gym for four years.
For eight years,
Athlete at Nike, she is also Master’s degree Trainer in Fitness and Dance for Nike Woman.