Stevy Zabarel alias Easley

Stevy Zabarel

Since the age of 12, Stevy Zabarel alias Easley, tried various body movements : Hip Hop, breakdance, newstyle, krump.

Always eager for new artistic dance worlds, he practised different styles and dug for his own one, which he qualifies of “newstyle, krump”, an unique universe.

In May 2007, Easley took part in the Battle Day launch in Berlin with the groupe “Nouveaux Horizons“, this participation opens the doors for future artistic collaborations, specially with 6th Dimension company, during some events.

Thereafter he joined “Authentik’ad” group for performances in Coubertin Stadium, at Trianon, and for Solidance at Pavillon Baltard/ Paris.

Among 700 artists, he was selected in October 2009, during casting auditions by Montalvo-Hervieu Company to dance as interpreter in “Orphée” and the Opera “Porgy and Bess” (international tours).

In 2012, he danced in “Satisfied” with the 6th Dimension company.