Aline Da Silva

Aline Dasilva

Aline started classical dance at the age of 7, she discovered modern’ jazz when she was a teenager. In 2000, her encounter with hip-hop dance was a revelation for her: this style has enabled her to express herself more freely and to create a more harmonious connection to music. It is freestyle, the improvisation that has allowed her to explore herself as a dancer. Locking has become her favorite dance, paving her the way to Europe but above all to the USA. She has participated in many battles, including the “Juste debout Bercy”, the “Euro Battle”.

Alongside the “underground” environment,  she makes her way into the “commercial” medium plus dance and participates in many event-shows, dances and choreographies for JUST DANCE video game, for video clips of SUPERMAN LOVERS and other artists. She danced and animated various events: YVES SAINT LAURENT / DAIRY / SOFITEL / DIESEL / WILKINSON / MAKE UP FOREVER…

It was in 2013 when she really started to be included in the atmosphere of the 6th Dimension Co. to take over roles in the shows “Satisfied” and “I feel good”.

Enriched by all these different experiences and holder of a State diploma in Jazz dance, she teaches her passion.