Manuela Bolegue

Manuela Bolegue

Native from Central Africa, Manuela is a professional hip hop dancer since 2006. She trained in various forms of hip hop dance, then specialized to breakdance with  Figure2style group from Chenôve.

Since 2006, she has been performing in many shows, championships and battles: France Champion in 2009 and 2010 (“Bgirl France”), Champion in France and in the world in 2008 on Battle Of The Year (“BOTY” in France and Germany) and International Battle Champion “WE B.GIRLZ” 2008 and 2009 in Berlin.

She also performs in the show “I Want You” by choreographer Nasser Martin Gousset at Suresnes Cities Dance Festival 2009, “Game of Death” of Figure2style Company, “Bach & Break Beats”, the Italian ballet choreographer Massimo Moricone but also “The Angels” Khady Fofana.

She joined the company Black Blanc Beur in 2006  for creating ” Si je t’m” and “Au féminin” and “My Tati Freeze”.

In 2012, she was discovered and selected by Robyn Orlin, to participate in a new production of the Suresnes Cities Dance Festival / 20th edition. Meanwhile, she joined the 6th Dimension Company to create “Satisfied …” and participates in events.

Then, she devoted herself fully to her new group “Zamounda Crew”, an all-female concept, bringing together five names in hip-hop, in order to create a positive synergy and sharing through internships and performance given the internationally.