Daughter of a father musician (drummer), Shynis, Eurasian, was full of music since her childhood.
She discovered naturally the art of singing at 15 and joined diverse bands of
Soul Rap such as “Trinity’s”, “Character Soul”…

She began dancing in 2004 and found the Ragga Dancehall, inspired herself with African movements and develops her own style by mixing hip-hop dance and ragga Dancehall.
An atypical style, she shared generously during training courses and workshops in Paris (StepDance, Deepside…), for a public more and more numerous.

She performed in diverse events (Elysées Montmartre, La Cigale, Stade Coubertin, International Advertising for LIPTON in Brazil…)
In 2009, she was selected by 6
th Dimension company for I feel good” play.