Faraëkoto – fary tale, Hip-Hop dance and video.

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A creation by Séverine Bidaud
Dance –  for ages 5 and up – duration : 40 min
Created with and performed by : Sandra Geco and Giovanni Leocadie
“Feet, why would I want them, if I have wings to fly.” Frida Kahlo 
« Faraëkoto » is a choreographic piece performed by 2 hip-hop dancers, accessible for ages 6 and up.
This show, inspired by the popular Malagasy tale Ifaramalemy Sy Ikotobekibo (itself inspired by European tale Hansel and Gretel and Le Petit Poucet), invites us to reflect on our relationship to disability through the prism of a fraternal relationship that is strongly put to the test.
Unable to help their parents with the work in the fields, Fara and Koto are abandoned and lost in the forest, because Fara and Koto are not ordinary children. She, the sister, “had very soft legs”, He, the
brother, “could not speak”. But these “differents” beings will gradually realize that they can be free bodies, able to explore new possibilities, leading the viewer to re-examine their own view of disability and, even more-so, the differences it can represent.
Combining the hip-hop dance of Séverine Bidaud, the texts of Marion Aubert, and the video of Pascal Minet, Faraëkoto immerses us in a tender, frightening and moving choreographic tale that invites young and old to marvel together.
 « As for all of my plays, hip-hop dance is central in my artistic commitment. When I started creating for the young audience, magic came into my creativity. Since the beggining of my artistic work, I question current societal topics, that often are apparently serious, but not to consider them in a dark or bitter way, but to talk about (here) abandonment or difference (or indifference) in a positive way, like they are a step in life, in which hope can appear. » Séverine Bidaud

The 6e dimension company is currently looking for coproductions and pre-purchases for this 2020 creation. Please contact us to see the show file.

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With the support of ( for artist residency ) : L’Etincelle – Theater of the city of Rouen (76), Le Flow – Euroregional Center of urbans cultures of Lille (59), La Halle aux Cuirs – Etablissement du Parc et de la Grande Halle de la Villette-Paris (75), La House of the Arts of Creteil – Scène Nationale (94), Gérard Philipe center of Bonneuil sur Marne (94), L’entre-Pont in Nice (06), The Charles Vanel Space in Lagny-sur-Marne (77),  The Salle JeanRenoir à Bois-Colombes (92).
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The company recieves the operating aid of the city of Rouen, the aid to organisations and artists of the Region of Normandie, the “Service civique” approval for three years. With the support of the ODIA Normandie / Office of artistic diffusion and information of Normandie. Winner of the Beaumarchais Award for Writing – SACD 2010.

  • Faraëoto (création 2020)

Choreography Séverine Bidaud

Choreographer assistant  Joëlle Iffrig

Dancers Sandra Geco, Giovanni Leocadie

Texts and dramaturgical advice Marion Aubert

Originals musics Natyve

Lights, scenography and general management of the tours Esteban (Stéphane Loirat)

Video and scenography Pascal Minet

Costumes Alice Touvet

Complicit look Jane-Carole Bidaud, Natacha Balet, Cault Nzelo, Carlo Diaconale, Audrey BottineauAmélie Jousseaume, Isabelle Job and Madeline

Thanks for the voices Delphine Lacouque, Flore Taguiev et Oumarou Bambara