Audrey Bottineau

Audrey has been involved for 15 years in the cultural and sport activities in Normandy. In 2015, she has joined the 6th Dimension company to be in charge of the distribution of the shows.

At the university, Audrey is graduated of a doctorate in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sport Activities from the University of Rouen. During her research for her doctorate, she realised an ethnography of the profession of choreographer in contemporary dance in Normandy. 

She has danced for around twenty years (ballet, modern jazz dance and contemporary dance), she is passionate about performance arts, early she is convinced that culture is essential in the social integration. By turns, she was in charge of the development of the doctoral students activity in the National Dance Center (Pantin), she was in charge of the mediation and of the cultural developement for the contemporary dance in the Relais Culturel Régional in Flers, then she was in charge of the cultural actions in the artists’ residency Villa Calderón in Louviers, all these experiences gave her the opportunity to get involved with several artists (authors, musicians, choreographers or plastic artists) in projects carried out for various audiences (doctoral students, shools, leisure centers, retirement homes, …).

Her meeting with the 6th Dimension compagny in 2012, whereas she was working for the city hall of Louviers, will lead her to work with the company on the organisation of an intergenerational ball in connection with with the broadcasting of “I feel good”. This meeting firstly human and artistic, will continue with a friendly relationship that will lead her to join the team when she will quit the city hall of Louviers.

Adopting by turns the point of view of the sociologist, the player, or the coordiantor, her multiple experiences nourish her in her job to understand in a concrete way the administrative, economical and logistical aspects of the volountary cultural life with different representative (territorial community, DRAC, teachers…).