Marion Aubert

Marion Aubert gratuated from the National Conservatory of the Montpellier Region

In 1996, she wrote her first text designed for theater: Petite Pièce Médicament. This play was created the following year, date in which she has founded Tire pas la Nappe Co. alongside Marion Guerrero and Capucine Ducastelle. From then on, all these plays have been created in stagings by Marion Guerrero.

Marion Aubert also meets the orders requested by theaters, stage directors or choreographers, which include the Comédie Française, the Comédie de Valence, the Rond-Point Theater, the CDR (Centre Dramatique Régional Lit. Regional Center of Drama) of Vire, the Am Stram Gram Theater of Geneva, the Peuple de Bussang Theater, Philippe Goudard, Guillaume Delaveau, Babette Masson, Matthieu Cruciani, Marion Levy…. Her plays are published by Acte Sud-Papiers. Some of her texts are translated into German, English, Czech, Italian and Catalan.

Her work as an author is generally carried out as part of writing residencies : at the Chartreuse in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, at the Théâtres francophones en Limousin Festival, at the Tête Noire Theater in Saran (Orléans), at the Library of Saint-Herblain (Nantes), at the Royal Court Theater in London…

Marion Aubert is godmother of promotion 26 of the Comedy of SaintEtienne and speaker at the department of writing of the ENSATT. She is also member of the reading committee of the Theatre of Rond-Point, and member founder of the Cooperative of Writing initiated by Fabrice Melquiot.

Marion Aubert sponsors the class 26 of the Comédie de Saint-Étienne and intervenes at the writing department of the ENSATT (École National Supérieure d’Arts et Techniques du Théâtre Lit. National Higher School of Theater Arts and Techniques). She is also a member of the reading committee of the Rond-Point Theater and a founder member of the Writing Cooperative launched by F. Melquiot.

In 2015, Severine BIDAUD requested her to rewrite with her the texts of Hiphop, Is it serious? , a danced conference about hip-hop history.