Marion Aubert

Marion Aubert is graduated from the National Academy of Region of Montpellier.

In 1996, she wrote her first text for the theatre: “Small Part Drug”. This play is created the following year, at the same time she founds the Tire pas la Nappe Company with Marion Guerrero and Capucine Ducastelle. Since, all the plays were created, in particular by her company, in a Marion Guerrero’s staging.

Marion Aubert also answers the orders of various theatres, directors or choreographers, among whom the Comédie Française, the Comedy of Valence, the Theatre of the Rond-Point, the CDR of Vire, the Theatre Am Stram Gram of Geneva, the Theatre of the People of Bussang, Philippe Goudard, Guillaume Delaveau, Babette Masson, Matthieu Cruciani, Marion Levy Her plays are published at Acte Sud-Papiers. Some of her texts are translated into German, English, Czech, Italian and Catalan.

Her work of author is generally carried out within the framework of residences of writing: with the Chartreuse of VilleneuvetheAvignon, the Festival of the Frenchspeaking Theatres in the Limousin, with the Theatre of Tête Noire at Saran (Orléans), with the Library of Saint-Herblain (Nantes), with the Royal Court in London

Marion Aubert is godmother of promotion 26 of the Comedy of SaintEtienne and speaker at the department of writing of the ENSATT. She is also member of the reading committee of the Theatre of Rond-Point, and member founder of the Cooperative of Writing initiated by Fabrice Melquiot.

Marion Aubert is also an actress. She played in many plays, of which hers, but also plays of Musset, Lagarce, Ionesco, Lemahieu, Copi, Bégaudeau, under the direction of Ariel GarciaValdès, Jacques Échantillon, JeanMarc Bourg, Dag Jeanneret, JeanMichel Coulon, Philippe Goudard, Marion Guerrero, Cécile AuxireMarmouget and Matthieu Cruciani.

In 2015, Severine BIDAUD requested her to rewrite with her the texts of Hiphop, Is it serious? , a danced conference on the history of the hiphop.