Women’s Aspects – a contemporary satire about women’s life

2007 creation (reworked in 2015)

Duration: 20 minutes

With her piece entitled Women’s Aspects, the choreographer Séverine Bidaud invites four dancers to revisit, based on their hip-hop technique, their women’s identity(s) that are rooted in their time.

This choreographic piece recounts with humour the paradoxes of a multiple and ambivalent identity. Energetic, powerful and also fast, the gesture is close to representations of masculinity in order to better underline the contradictions of a complex identity. Dress codes, appearances…everything goes through.

In a frenetic pace, the image of the “working girl” that has been derided invites the spectator to question his own evidences.

Choreography Séverine Bidaud, alias Lady Severine

Assistant Choreographer Jane-Carole Bidaud

Dancers Cynthia Barbier alternating with Sara NH, Aline Da Silva, Farrah Elmaskini alternating with Jane-Carole Bidaud, Amélie Jousseaume alternating with Emilie Schram