Women’s Aspects – a contemporary satire about women’s life

This show is a contemporary satire about women’s life (2007 creation, reworked in a short form in 2015).

Duration : 15 minutes

A show for 3 hip-hop dancers that questions our vision of femininity.

The choreographer, Séverine Bidaud, humorously evokes the obsession with perfection,which resides in today’s women, in order to highlight the contradictions of a complex identity. 

Within themselves, the feelings tumble out, a voice is given to them, to symbolize their thoughts, to fuel the audience’s imaginary and to make them travel between fantasy and reality.  

“Being a perfect mother. I am not very available for my child, I need to buy time. Time to make my brain more available. (…) I need some support, to add shelves, to fix them to a wall. I need to set myself somewhere (…).”

The pared-down scenography allows the creation of symbolic spaces and breaks between daily moments and dreamlike and intimate moments.

In a frenetic pace, they make a mockery of the image of the « working girl » to invite the audience to question its own evidences.

 Choreography Séverine Bidaud

Assistant Choreographer Jane-Carole Bidaud

Performed by Jane-Carole Bidaud, Aline DaSilva alternating with Cynthia Barbier and Amélie Jousseaume, alternating with Emilie Schram

Texts and voice Muriel Henry