Jane-Carole Bidaud – Co-director and Assistant choreographer

Jane-Carole started dancing at the age of 7 (classical dance and modern jazz) and has dedicated herself since 1996 to hip-hop dance. She considers her encounter with hip-hop dance as a « revelation » and « Popping » style has become her favorite discipline. Jane-Carole was trained under the guidance of the legendary group The Electric Boogaloos”, made of American creators.

In 1998, she co-founded the 6th Dimension company and became Choreographer Assistant of the latter. She is one of the company’s main performers and dances in the main creations.

Simultaneously, she collaborated as a performer alongside other professional choreographic company, such as Black Blanc Beur, Slam Dance Co. She has created her own mixed style, fed by numerous influences: jazz dance, contemporary dance and Popping.

Having obtained her Diplôme d’Etat (State Diploma) in Jazz Dance in 2005, she now takes advantage of this training in order to convey hip-hop dance within the 6th Dimension company. As a Cultural Actions Officer, she accompanies the company’s various trainers in the elaboration of workshops which are based on a specific process that contributes to the company’s «signature».

She imagines with the Choreographer a large number of artistic actions she adapts and rewrites for each place of reception. Moreover, she co-directs and sets-up intergenerational hip-hop balls. She fosters the exchanges between different generations by creating peculiar meetings and artistic experiences (parent-child workshops, curtain-raisers, public rehearsals, danced readings in media librairies, classes about the intermingling of popular dances of the 20s-30s with hip-hop…)