Hip-hop ball

NEW BAL HIP-HOP (Creation2022).

After going through the health crisis, the barrier gestures, Séverine Bidaud wanted to think about another way to restore contact between people and between generations, especially by imagining bridges between current dances created in social networks and hip-hop.

With her dancers, she takes the crowd on the floor for a festive, collective and accessible dance.

The principle is the concrete, physical participation of the public through a playful and festive approach to dance.

The relationship to music is very important in hip-hop, music is introduced by a Hip-hop DJ. This will make it possible to propose breaks, rehearsals, by the technique of the mix. The DJ thus shapes the rhythm, the dynamics of the ball.

Each ball ends with a jam session during which participants instinctively form a circle. This is the very essence of hip-hop improvisation: everyone is free in the circle, inhabited by the energy that crossed it throughout the ball. Each participant has the feeling of having lived a unique experience.

“As a dancer with the Montalvo-Hervieu company, between 2004 and 2012, I was immersed in the dance culture. With the 6th Dimension company, we have been creating balls for ten years, because what remains at the heart of my approach is the desire for exchanges and meetings with the public.

By resorting to play and the pleasure of sharing, the ball is for me a form of immediate awareness of dance, accessible to the greatest number.
The goal is to make the participants dance for fun and conviviality while offering an opening on culture and hip-hop technique. Also, some hip-hop techniques are found in the ball, in a deliberately diverted and simplified form.

In addition, by creating balls, it is about making different generations want to share, exchange… For me the ball is a pretext to propose human contact between people, to restore the transgenerational link. It is a unifying and friendly cultural practice. The human link created with artists is also important.

Finally, the ball is a space of freedom – guided freedom nonetheless!”

Séverine Bidaud

Download the show sheet here


Concept and artistic direction : Séverine Bidaud

Choreography : Séverine Bidaud, in collaboration with Aline Da Silva

Dancers : Cault Nzelo, Clément James, alternating with Brice Ipoli, Mohamed El Hajoui and Séverine Bidaud

Music : DJ Luckylocker alternating with DJ Bash.


You can learn a dance created for the ball with this tutorial: