Blondy Mota-Kisoka

Dancer since 2001, Blondy practices Popping and breakdance. Specialist of the robot technique, also called “animation”, he excels in this domain that requieres control and precision.
Combining effects and power, this showman started in the street where he gained an important experience with the audience. Indeed, he really launches his professional career by getting known as a street dancer in 2004 and it is thanks to his determination and his attendance that he quickly becomes a essential element in the parisian streets. In 2007, he creates his first street band « Illusion Optique » with which he participates in many festivals such as Avignon’s festival with street shows based on dance, humor and madness. Then in 2008 he creates his 2nd group « Street Impact » in which virtuosity and pure performance are put forward.
The two groups get an important reputation in the world of the French Street and make Blondy an major leader respected by his peers. He teaches this art called « the street » to many dancers and inspires a good number of dancers who perform in the parisian streets nowadays.
In 2011, he creates his first solo « I ROBOT ». Filmed by a tourist on the Champs Elysées, the video of this solo becomes inescapable and makes a buzz on the internet with more than 17 millions of views. Then he is invited and appears in several national and international television programs : Showtime Japon, Got to dance France and Germany, M6 méthode Cauet, France O, Arte…Along with his street career, Blondy is called to dance alongside well-known artists like Jean Paul Gautier, Ladee Lasty, Joye Starr, Jamel Debbouze, Gad Elmaleh etc…He also participates in many commercials like RIZE, CANDY, PEUGEOT, MALIBU…In 2008, he joins the Par Terre company of Anne Nguyen as a dancer for two shows « Promenade obligatoire » and « Bal.exe » and experiments the stage in theaters.
In 2015, he creates DiXIT his first band for theater representations and dabbles in choreographic work with their first play « A Part Etre ».

In 2019, he joins the 6e Dimension company as a dancer in the show « Hip-hop, is it really serious ? ».
During all thoses years, Blondy also performs in well-known national and international battles like the Juste debout, VNR, Popping Forever, Battle Bad and he stands out by his style and virtuosity. He becomes an ambassador for battles organized by Redbull that consist in dancing on popular music. His showman talent and his little madness will make the concept work.