Liss Funk

Alice Pinto Maia, aka Liss Funk develops a passion for Hip-hop dance in 1996, in Rennes (France). She starts training with Yasmin Rahmani from the group HB2. Later, she meets the big names of funkstyle dance, such as Greg Campbellock Jr, Tony Gogo, Suga Pop… From then on, she largely devotes herself to Locking.

As a fan of 20’s Jazz, Tap dance and African dance, she takes her inspiration from all these influences to develop her own style. Regular trips abroad also enrich her dance style, particularly in Japan where Soul Dance is put forward.Thereafter, Liss Funk discovers Waacking alongside Archie Burnett and Ana Sanchez.

Since 2006, Alice has launched into the international scene of battles. She wins several of them individually, such as the “Tokyo Locking Summit”, “Au delà des préjugés”, “Universal dancers”… and others in duet with her partner Willow,  from the group Time Room Lockers.

Since 2012, she judges several international events like “Funk that school rules” in Hong kong, “New Taipei Bboy City” in Taiwan, “Old School Night” in Osaka, “Papin locking” in Moscow, “SDK ASIA” in Hong Kong, “Ghetto Soul” and “Wake Up battle” in Germany,  « Battle Xtrem » in Yaounde, “Just4Ladies” in Paris, « Break Border Battle » in Shanghai, « Mc Hip-hop Contest » in Italy…   

Currently, Liss Funk reconciles transmission, travels, battles, shows and choreographic creations. She has worked on different projects as a dancer with the companies Par Terre, Magic Electro, Malka, Engrenage and 6e Dimension. In 2015 she settles in the group Time Room Lockers, in which her first experience is the creation of a locking show presented in La Villette.

She currently performs with the 6e dimension company in « Hip-hop, is it really serious ? ».