Hip-hop ball

Séverine Bidaud and her dancers drive the crowd on the dance floor for a festive and collective dance accessible for everyone.

The aim is the concrete and physical participation of the audience through a playful and festive approach to dance.

“For me, the ball represents a way to rediscover the social characteristic of hip-hop dance. Beyond the performance, through this ball, hip-hop dance becomes a means to (re)create the bond between the generations, but also physical contact. How to revisit the balls from the past by providing  them dynamism and modernity borrowed to hip-hop dance? So many possibilities to explore and pleasure to share, without the predominance of physical performance.” – Séverine Bidaud

 This ball was created in relation to the show “Hip-hop, is it really serious?” for a playful and happy immersion in urban dances and in the company’s universe.

Download the show sheet here


Concept and artistic direction : Séverine Bidaud

Choreography : Séverine Bidaud, in collaboration with Aline Da Silva

Dancers : Cault NZelo, Clément James, alternating with Mohamed El Hajoui and Séverine Bidaud

Music : DJ Luckylocker alternating with DJ Kakashi et DJ One Up


You can learn a dance created for the ball with this tutorial: