Cultural actions

According to their will to promote Hip-hop dance to as many people as possible, the 6th Dimension Company set up cultural actions in order to raise people’s awareness, around the dissemination of their shows. The artistic team involved in each project thus imagine and offer a large number of actions adapted to the places of reception, to the geographical areas and to the specific requests of the audiences concerned (schools, retirement homes, penitentiary centers…). These moments are seen as the opportunity of exchanges, meetings and unique artistic experiences and the latter are broken down under different forms

Parents/children workshops (accessible from 4 years old).

Danced readings in libraries / multimedia libraries: storytelling, dance to see and to experiment.

“Condensed” of “Tell me, what are you dancing?” : for the places of reception in which it is not possible to perform the entire show (short form, no technique), the Co. offer one or two extracts of the parts of Little Red Riding Hood and / or The Ugly Duckling.
Specific workshops designed for the youngest : not only for nursery schools (from 5 years old), primary schools, middle schools and high school but also for any organization which want to offer an awareness-raising around the show.

CRED (Lit. Departmental Educational success contract): In the 76 department, this system enables secondary school students to discover a 6-hour course with the Company (« the tale put into dance »).

Costume making in motion

Mini Conference in classrooms: about the history of hip-hop dance and its techniques within schools (middle schools, high schools, universities).
This conference is also offered as part of the CRED 76 course, a system designed for secondary school students (“conference in schools”).

Hip-hop “Commando”: improvisations/performances by the dancers in classrooms (middle schools, high schools) then a presentation of one or several en a presentation of one or several extracts from the show « hip-hop, is it really serious ? » will be performed in the playground.

Hip-hop ball: playful immersion in urban dances and in the company’s atmosphere.

Intergenerational dance workshops: during workshops, that not only welcome children but also seniors (residents in retirement homes or seniors who participate in activities offered by CCAS (Caisse Centre d’Activités Sociales, lit. Central fund for social activities), the company introduce the participants to the popular dance of the 20s-30s and work on the intermingling of these dances with hip-hop.

Intergenerational ball: a ball for all ages that mix 20s-30s popular dances with hip-hop dance.