Mohamed El Hajoui

Mohamed El Hajoui started to dance in 1999, in Paris area, in the Galion dance center in Aulnay-Sous-Bois. Trained in the different techniques of hip-hop dance by dancers like Claise M’PASSI, Ibrahim SISSOKO, Thierry ANOMAN and Salim BAGAYOKO, he specializes quickly in break, locking and jazz rock. 

His professional career begins in 2004 in « Suresnes cités danse », under the direction of Yan BRIDARD (first dancer in Paris Opera). In 2006, he joins the Quality Street company, choreographed by NASTY for the creation « Street Life », and takes part since then in the different projects and actions of the company. The same year, he puts on a duo « Second Souffle » (litterally « Second breath ») with Mellina BOUBETRA, in order to participate in choreographic contests, such as the Paris Dance Delight. Since 2007, he dances for the MOOD/RV6K company, in the pieces « Sol de France » (litterally « French soil »), « Franchir allègrement » (litterally « Cross blithely ») and lately in 2018 « Corps pour Corps » (litterally « Body for body »). From 2008 to 2010, the MONTALVO-HERVIEU company will involve him for a role resumption in « La Bossa Fataka de Rameau » (litterally « Rameau’s Bossa Fataka »). In 2011, he integrates the NO MAD company for the creations « Les disparus » (litterally « The missing ones ») and « Exil » (litterally « Exile »). In 2016, he takes part again in Suresnes cités danse with the CAMARGO company in « Des mondes et des anges » (litterally « Worlds and angels »).

Next to his job of dancer and choreographer, he teaches hip-hop dance since 2004 in all kinds of structures (dance centers, academies, community arts centers, etc) and with all publics (adults, children).

His will to always push the pupils further led him to create groups of trained amateur dancers for whom he created choreographies, in order to participate in choreographic contests,  as the Projet-A group, who won many contests between 2005 and 2008.

He actively takes part in the different cultural actions proposed by the different companies he worked for, and this is how he becomes an educational speaker for the 6e Dimension company, in which he will lead many artistic projects.