Aline Da Silva

Aline Dasilva

From her young age, Aline shares her passion. Thanks to her art, dancing, the movement, she knew how to develop her own teaching skills with her professional experiences.

Mixing different hip-hop techniques, modern jazz, yoga and with her own perception, her teaching aims to get used to a large audience, to communicate her emotions and to allow to everyone to discover themselves in their own dance, their physical abilities and their personality. 

Since she was graduated with a State diploma of the arts centre of Paris, in 2008, she teaches in different oganisations in modern jazz and hip-hop ; associations (C.O.S / ERSM (51)), internships in France and in foreign countries, in different schools in Paris (Studio Harmonic, Smoking et brillantine, Choréa, Kim Kan, Juste debout school), she is currently artistic teaching assistant in the conservatoire municipal of Grigny (91) and in the association Libre style in Lisses (91).

She regularly leads some workshops and other artistic projects in schools as  A.D.A (Artistic discovery Workshops) or CLEAC (Local Convention of the Artistic and Cultural Education) with the 6th Dimension Company.

With all her experiences, she teaches children and adults, novice and advenced level, but Aline had also the opportunity  to work with disabled persons (2 projects with l’ULIS at the collège Claude Monet, in Paris) or with children with learning difficulties (Classes CLIS Grigny / classes SEGPA Collège Duruy Châlons en Champagne / Collège Fleury Bourg-Beaudouin), what enhance her teaching skills and her desire to share her passion.

It is always with passion and enthusiasm that she share the art of dancing and of well-being with the movement, then she was qualified as a yoga vinyasa professor (Formation Gérard Arnaud Paris).