Brice Ipoli

Brice IPOLI aka Beez-b started dancing in 2007 at the MJC Rive-Gauche (which means Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture, literally House of Youse and Culture) in Rouen. There, Brice met Krystoff Zami and Cault Nzelo, from the team “Syndrome Hip Hop” (S2H), who will became his mentors and will trained him in different styles of standing hip hop dance (Newstyle, house dance..). It was in 2009 that Brice joined their company (Syndrome Hip Hop S2H). Thus, not only could he perform on many stages in Normandy (Théâtre des arts, Hangar23, Cargo…) but also abroad (Germany, Switzerland…).

Intervener in hip hop dance which is called “standing hip hop, he is trained in Hip Hop new style. It is through the different stages he performed on, during all the trips he made (Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland), also through all the people he met that he was able to develop his dance style. He participated in many dance battled in France and also abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium..). In 2016, he competed at the “Juste debout” in Paris. It is an international hip hop dance competition where he qualified in 1/16th final with his duo Cault Nzelo.

As a dancer-performer, Brice did not want to rest on his laurels and continued to enrich and develop his dance by participating in creations for choreographers such as Lhacen hamed ben Bella, including Delphine Caron.

Good instructor and passionate, he keeps on teaching and transmitting around hip hop culture to various audiences in schools, associations or even dance schools. He works with theaters (Rive-Gauche, L’Etincelle, L’Arsenal..) and with companies such as the Beau Geste company and today with the 6th dimension company around artistic projects in schools, such as CRED or CLEAC.

According to Brice, not only is hip hop a dance but also a whole part of an “urban” culture that he wants to share and transmit in exchange and good spirits.