Stéphane Loirat aka Esteban

Lighting designer and stage-manager of different companies, he has collaborated and collaborates on shows that very differ from each other: hip-hop dance that includes the companies Black Blanc Beur, Phase T, Par Terre, Uzumaki, Artzybrides, 6th Dimension and Kafig, artists that specialize in contemporary dance such as Emilio Calcagno, urban movement with World Movment Company and finally he has accompanied artists on concerts such as Karpatt, La Rue Kétanou, Mon Côté Punk, P18, Claire Diterzi, François Maurin (FM).
He also worked in theater alongside several stage directors such as Luc Saint-Eloi, Julien Sibre (« Le Repas des Fauves » which was awarded 3 Molières). He also collaborated with Marcial di Fonzo Bo, Philip Boulay, Aline César, Agnès Desfosse, Agnès Boury, André Salzet, Marc Goldberg, Tadrina Hocking, Delphine Lacouque and Noémie Lattre.

He is technical director, lighting designer, videographer and compositor of the company “La Barak’A Théâtre”.

He joined 6th Dimension Company in 2015 and created the lighting design of the show “Tell me, what are you dancing?” and also worked alongside the company for the remakes of the show entitled “I feel good“.

He created the lighting design of the show “Hip-hop, is it really serious?” in 2016.