Cault Nzelo

Native from Rouen (France), Cault has been trying various gestures from an early age: Hip Hop New Style, House, Krump. Always curious to discover new artistic worlds, he practised different styles that lead it to develop his own progressively.

He began his career as a dancer in England within the Karismatik company, inspired by Krumping culture.

Back in France, he joined the Cies S2H  (syndrome Hip-hop), based in Rouen and choreographed by Christopher Zami and P3 (Passion Pleasure and Progress), which allowed him to perform on many stages and television studio sets (Dance Street on France O, Night Awards on France 3…). In May 2012, Cault participated in an intergenerational choreography with the 6th Dimension company at the Hangar 23 in Rouen.

In 2015, he danced for the “Big Band Fusion” and participated in many live performances with musicians. Meanwhile, since 2011, Cault won several dance battles (“Mastershow 1st and 2nd edition in Evreux,” Battle Pfingstcamp 2012 and 2013 “in Germany,” Battle Lounge 2013 “also in Germany.

His taste for the transmission led him to become a dance teacher since 2008, in various structures in Rouen, Switzerland and Germany. According to Cault, “Dance is a vast world of sharing and expressions, in which he continues to evolve and excel… It is the art of saying everything with gestures, a way of life!”.

In 2015, he is a performer in the last show of the 6th Dimension company “Tell me, what you dance?”. He also performs in “Hip-hop, is it really serious?“.