Le hip-hop défie le temps

“The hip-hop challenges the time”
And if hip-hop had been born in Antique Egypt time…

1999 creation

Duration: 20 minutes

Hip-hop is may be about to disappear for ever in the future generations.

A 10-years-old young boy sees himself then invested with a mission: make discover, or call back the whole world, the real origins of this culture and the wealth of its positive values.

In an atmosphere mixing afro-hip-hop, soul,funk, jazz, allied to a body movements 100 % Street-Dance, the characters plunge us into a fiction and make us share their influences, during this return towards the past time.

Séverine Bidaud and Sally Afokossy

Created with and interpreted by
Jane-Carole Bidaud, Isabelle Derond, Mined Yahiaoui, Sally Afokossy, Stéphane Soidiki, SullySoidiki, Gérald Lucien-Mimi alternating with Valentin Jean-Charles and Séverine Bidaud alias Lady Severine.