Télé – 04/2014
“With 6th Dimension company, hip-hop takes itself a blow of feminine gristle and that warms!(…) Around the quest of the ideal man, this show announced as a vitamins’ bomb, opts for virtuosity and humour by surfing on all hip-hop styles.”

Danser – 09/2010
“The 6th Dimension company won Beaumarchais 2010 price from SACD ( Dramatic Authors and Composers Society), with “I feel good” (…) Lady Severine writes 6 women’s portraits, racked with changing time effects…”

Le Dauphiné Libéré – 07/04/2014
“Nostalgia, but no despair, in this subject handled with a lot of delicacy, emotion and benevolence.”

Paris Art – 05/2010
“Everything in Robyn Orlin production is full of lightness…No ham-action, no pride badly placed. Only laugh and derision. And good surprises with the 6th Dimension sextet hip hop dancers, who came to disrupt this pretending cohesion of the play…”

Le courrier Cauchois / Yvetot- 07/2009
“Girls dance Hip-Hop wonderfully , that’s the 6th Dimension company.”

Journal de Lillebonne – 12/2012
“A hip-hop show carried by six dancers who remind the pleasure to grow older.”

Ouest-France – 16/05/2012
“Attractive show title, because it’s true, we feel “good”! We overflow with joy, that gains us, to see on stage six wonderful dancers who give, dance, spin, take all their energy on the ground and share it with strength and emotion in the space.”

Loisirs/Culture – L’Aigle – 05/2012
“On stage, six excellent hip-hop dancers look to the changing time and the old age,choreographing feminine lifes’ portraits.”

Ouest-France – Orne – L’aigle 11/05/2012
“The 6th Dimension company, on friday night, presents its performance “I feel good”, with six excellent feminine hip-hop dancers, moving around Mao Sidibé ‘s music that revives and adapts to hip-hop style , well-known tunes from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.”

Journal de Rouen – 10/05/2011
“With the show “I feel good”, tonight at Hangar 23 in Rouen, Séverine Bidaud alias Lady Severine, gives a tribute to old people…”

Espace 93 – Ça m’intéresse – 10/2010
“Imagination for school children (…) Three criterions for the young public programme planning in Espace 93 : quality, diversity and understanding. “I feel good” : the title of this performance presented to the youngest public reflects also the audience’s feeling when they came out…”

Oxygène n°91 – 23/06/2010
“The company’s choreographer, Séverine Bidaud, conquered jury and public with the play “I feel good”, human and warming piece danced by six young women…”

Canal l’agenda – 04/2010
“A generous energetic plea for intergenerational solidarity signed by Lady Severine…” – 05/2012
“The two dancers of 6th Dimension company try to make dance together often turbulent and very energetic toddlers with sometimes shy retired people. A hundred of people arrived yesterday afternoon in Villiers-le-Bel, Espace Marcel Pagnol, to participate in an intergenerational ball which found its public.”

Radikal – 12/2003
“6th Dimension Company is not hesitant to apply drastic measures. Sound quality and impressive lighting improves. Maximum visibility throughout the room. The innovation: the transparency of the rating.”