Vincent Bourez

Originally from a professional training in image professions at the highschool Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in the city of Le Havre, Vincent is passionate about music and web culture. After studying musicology at the university of Rouen, he turned towards show professions and sound and light engineering, which he is passionate about. He multiplies his experiences and particularly creates some concerts for individuals, he also organizes the technical installation of these latter, with the desire to create links between artists and his friends

Vincent is someone curious, he is an artist and a technician at heart who likes to learn from all situations.

Original, thoughtful, calm and he also pays attention to his contemporaries, he intensely loves life, trips and music in all its forms. “I enrich myself by opinions that are different from mine and I am the result of my different experiences in writings and in musical compositions.”, he says.

At the age of 20, he has been hired for a civic service mission in order to provide technical support during the setting up of the shows for the company 6th Dimension. In that respect, he is being trained with Esteban Loirat, Technical Director of the company, who conveys to him the essential bases of the set up of lights of the different shows.

When he is not touring with the company 6th Dimension, he gets involved in the other events of the company and he also devotes time to other local associations, for which he organizes stages and creates communication posters. Finally, he is an auto-entrepreneur too. In fact, Vincent pedals on his bike in all weather in the streets of the city of Rouen, so as to accomplish his missions as a courier.