Clément Roussillat

Early in contact with many styles of music, Clément Roussillat has developed a special relationship with this form of expression, a link that will never leave him.

Also sensitive to science and technology, he quickly got interested not only in music but also in tools which enable him to record, convert and also broadcast music. After having obtained a Diploma in Musical Studies (2002) and a Ten-Year practice of French horn, he started to learn another relationship with music, the one related to dance that he has discovered with Hip Hop dance and that he has deepened with contemporary dance.

From 2009 to 2011, he was trained in sound control in show sector at the CFPTS (Centre de Formation Professionnelle aux Techniques du Spectacle Lit. Professional Training Center dedicated to Performance Techniques) / CFA of performing arts, with a work-linked training at the National Stage of the Agora of Evry. He thus made music, show and technique combine in his job.

Today, his connection to music, sound and to what they may tell and whichever emotion they may give rise to, leads him to develop his job in the field of sound design and music composition designed for shows. The MAO (Musique Assistée par Ordinateur, Lit. Computer-Assisted Music) is at the heart of his creation activity but he always keeps in mind how he can link it to sound recordings in direct and to real instruments so as to come across sonorities both strange and familiar. Recently, he created the sound and music of the shows “D’Ici là” and “Main dans la Main”, by Alfred Alert Co. (contemporary dance) and “Mon vieux” by le Temps de Vivre / Rachid Akbal Co. (theater).

In 2015, he joined 6th Dimension Co. with whom he collaborated for the show “Tell me, what are you dancing ?”.