2002 creation

Duration: 35 minutes
Co-production with Conseil Général of Essonne and Evry Town.

Under the guise of silent movies, this ballet of seven dancers invite us to discover unusual situations and scenes of the dayly life by emphasizing the fragility and complexity of human relationships. While preserving the authenticity of hip hop, by digging in the wealth of this dance, the seven dancers share their vision of a society which they consider sometimes superficial, with deceptive appearances.

Séverine Bidaud alias Lady Severine

Created with and interpreted by
Jane-Carole Bidaud, Isabelle Derond, Mined Yahiaoui, Valentin Jean-Charles, Céline Postros, alternating with Lil Kiss, Oswald Jean and Séverine Bidaud alias Lady Severine.

Michel Baumann

Rasta and Arnaud Billotet