“Satisfied…” Creation 2012 Choregraphic part for 5 dancers Duration: 50 minutes After dedicating their dance sensibility to a subject rarely approached by this kind of dancers, (with the performance “I feel good” = the old age), the 6th Dimension Hip Hop dance company comes back with a new creation which emphasizes with humour and poetry […]

FeeNOmen Reb’Elles

2006 creation Duration: 30 minutes Co-production Young Challenge Seine-saint-Denis All those B-girls of different origins (French, Algerian, Indian, Japanese, Swedish), audacious dancers of battles, want to inspire women’s generations and to contribute for giving a new focus in the hip hop dance history. On stage, when the lights come, they assert their talent and show […]


“Appearances” 2002 creation Duration: 35 minutes Co-production with Conseil Général of Essonne and Evry Town. Under the guise of silent movies, this ballet of seven dancers invite us to discover unusual situations and scenes of the dayly life by emphasizing the fragility and complexity of human relationships. While preserving the authenticity of hip hop, by digging […]

Le hip-hop défie le temps

“The hip-hop challenges the time” And if hip-hop had been born in Antique Egypt time… 1999 creation Duration: 20 minutes Hip-hop is may be about to disappear for ever in the future generations. A 10-years-old young boy sees himself then invested with a mission: make discover, or call back the whole world, the real origins […]