Tell me, what are you dancing?

2015 creation for 3 dancers – New 2017 creation for four dancers Choregraphic part for 4 dancers Duration: 45 minutes (no intermission) Accessible from 5 years old In fairytales, the number three is often present whether for ordeals, characters or objects. In this show, it is there but in a different way. Four dancers for three […]

Hip-hop, is it really serious?

The objective of this danced conference is to provide a simple idea, chronological and comprehensive understanding of the hip-hop history. It tells us the story behind this movement, its roots and influences, from its beginning in the United States.

The short forms

The 6th Dimension company offers some shows around the topic of “Woman”, drawing a parallel between two shows of its repertoire, that can be performed in short “all terrain” forms.   Women’s Aspects This show is a contemporary satire about women’s life (2007 creation, reworked in a short form in 2015). Duration : 15 minutes […]

I feel good

Photo credits: David Schaffer 2010 creation Choregraphic part for 6 dancers Dance play time: Short version : 25 minutes ; Full version : 45 minutes In this society where we advocate the cult of the excessive beauty, where we erase wrinkles with jets of “botox” to hide the marks of time, the choreographer Séverine BIDAUD, makes us […]