I feel good

Photo credits: David Schaffer

2010 creation

Choregraphic part for 6 dancers
Dance play time: 
Short version : 25 minutes ; Full version : 45 minutes

In this society where we advocate the cult of the excessive beauty, where we erase wrinkles with jets of “botox” to hide the marks of time, the choreographer Séverine BIDAUD, makes us discover her vision of old age and the challenges facing a society of exclusion. .

With six hip-hop dancers, she sketches with tenderness, nostalgia and humour six portraits of women, who see the effects of the passing time coming up. While it is believed that the body no longer speak when we age, the dancers break free and express their fancy in order to remind us that old age is not a desease.

They perform on 20-30s jazz musics that have been “refreshed” by hip-hop rythms that give birth to a surprising mix of styles. Charleston, Shim-sham, tango and waltz cross the generous energy of urban dances.

Photos © David Schaffer

Séverine Bidaud stands up for a humanistic message of exchange, sharing and solidarity between the different generations:

With this show, I wanted to imagine and transcribe the physical, psychological and emotional constraints that old age can cause in a dancing body. It’s a journey about memory of body and mind, in which times fly and intertwine. I felt the desire to highlight our elders and their richness, to evoke with poetry and lightness the will to dance our life again at 80 years old, despite this machine getting out of breath…”

The show I feel good was awarded the SACD Beaumarchais 2010, (at the H2O contest where they won), the prize Chemin des arts during the Synodales in 2010. Moreover, the show was spotted at the festival “Région en scène” and then was selected for the “Le chaînon manquant” festival in 2012.

Séverine Bidaud, alias Lady Severine
With the artistic collaboration of Joëlle Iffrig

Choreographer assistant Jane Carole Bidaud

Created with and interpreted by
Cynthia Barbier alternating with Farrah Elmaskini ;
Jane-Carole Bidaud alternating with Aline Da Silva ;
Isabelle Derond alternating with Amélie Jousseaume ;
Valentine Nagata-Ramos, alias B.girl Val ; Shynis ;
Séverine Bidaud, alias Lady Severine

Musical conception and programming
Mao Sidibé, Blade Mc and N’Chten

Arrangements Mao Sidibé

Lights Creation Didier Brun

Lights Manager Odilon Leportier

Stage Manager Régis Guillemot

Costumes Isabelle Lemarié

Advisers dance and direction stage Muriel Henry, Carlo Diaconale, Jocelyn Cazeres, Mohamed El Hajoui

A show co-produced with CNC Créteil/Val de Marne/cie Käfig home studio with the support of the ODIA Normandie / Office of Information and Artistic Distribution /Normandy Initiatives Artists Urban Dances (Parc de la Villette, the Fondation of France, with the support of Caisse des Dépôts and the Acsé), the town of Pantin, Space Vikings Yvetot (Seine-Maritime), the Dance Centre of Galion in Aulnay-sous-Bois and with the assistance of Beaumarchais-SACD.

Photos © David Schaffer

Photos © Paulic